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PostSubject: ESO CODE OF CONDUCT   Sun Sep 11, 2016 6:47 pm

Teamspeak 3: ts32.gameservers.com:9195
Homepage: http://heroesandlegends.board-directory.net/

Code Of Conduct:
(1): All Members are REQUIRED to have TS3 and be AT LEST 18 YEARS of age.
      (Excluding family members of current Heroes and Legends.)

(2): Anyone remaining offline for 30 days will be removed from the clan and will
      be allowed to rejoin when they come back.

(3): All Members will remain RESPECTFUL, no verbal attacks or likewise.

(4): There is no Cheating, Hacking, Script Running, or DDOSing. If you are accused
      we will not take action without proof of you doing such things; likewise if you
      want to report someone you must have proof.  

(5):There are to be no PREJUDICE remarks regarding anything from sexual orientation to
    skin color(ETC). This includes, sexual remarks about another H&L member or any person
    involved in the teamspeak, forum, and steam group.

(6):On the occasion an OFFICER orders you to stop an activity, or correct a previous action,
    and sites a rule in the code of conduct and you refuse to comply he may ban you for a
    maximum of 48 hours.

    Regardless of your interpretation of the code of conduct you must comply, and at a later
    date you may confront this issue with a community leader where they will determine the proper
    course of action with a community leader vote. (Note: Majority vote determines decision,
    Note: Only Community leaders have a vote)

(7): The Officers reserve the right to remove members from the community with the sole purpose
      of preserving the group.
     (Note: Majority vote determines decision, Note: Only Community leaders have a vote)
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